Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

I know that I talk a lot about clean eating on here.  I also talk about workouts and Shakeology.  Usually when I do a challenge group, I require that you purchase Shakeology and preferrably a Beachbody workout program.

But next month, I am going to run a Clean Eating Challenge Group that is totally FREE.  No purchases required!  Anyone can join, but you need to be there within the first week.  I won't be able to accept any requests after that, because we will already have started.  ;) 

So join right now....TODAY even!  :)

I'm sure you have heard that 80% of weight loss results come from your nutrtion.  It's so true!  I have been working out really hard the last few months, but until I started really watching what I ate, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted.

In this challenge group, we will have a nutrition tip and a new recipe every day!  We will discuss meal planning, and by the end of 30 days (Which is just in time for Labor Day!) you will be feeling great and looking amazing!

That is - if you are COMMITTED!  Are you ready to accept the challenge?

As always, feel free to contact me at any time.  :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Avocado & Tuna Salad

I thought that I had already put this recipe on here, but I could only find the picture, so apparently I am a slacker.  This is my new favorite way to eat tuna!!  As I was eating it again for lunch today, I realized how much more incredibly delicious this is than regular old mayo.  You still get the creamy texture that you do with mayo, but it's soooo much healthier!!  It's also 21 Day Fix approved, if you are doing that.  :)

(2 servings)

1 can tuna (I like chunk white albacore)
1 avocado
6 cherry tomatoes
romaine lettuce

Lightly chop up the avocado and mix it in with the tuna until blended.

Chop and add tomatoes.  I also sprinkled a little dash of Himalayan Pink Salt. 

Divide mixture in half.  Layer it into a pita, Ezekiel bread, or just eat it plain on a bed of lettuce.

Try this and tell me how you like it!  ;)