Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Body Beast, Hammer & Chisel HYBRID!

I only have 2 more weeks left of The Master's Hammer & Chisel! It went by so fast! I absolutely LOVE this program! I am totally planning on doing another round but I think this time I will add in one of my other favorite programs - Body Beast.

This was a really hard hybrid to make. The Hammer & Chisel workouts are total body, working legs practically every day. This is seriously great for the booty! I definitely liked that about the program. ;) Body Beast focuses on one or two body parts each day so I had to be careful when planning this that we didn't overlap the muscle groups too much.

I found the best way to incorporate both programs was to do alternate weeks. (With a little extra cardio added in on the Beast weeks.) This actually works out really great for a couple reasons. 
1) You can adjust your calorie intake week to week to fit your goals. (Like eating more on Beast weeks, and cutting down on the H&C weeks.)
2) There is a lot of variety. I am actually looking forward to trying this one out!
3) You can focus really hard one week on lifting heavy and reaching muscle failure. The next week you can work on your strength, speed, & endurance by adding in the total body workouts each day.

I made this a 60-day hybrid so if you want to continue month 1 for a couple extra weeks before moving on to month 2, that would be totally fine. Feel free to add or remove any of the ab workouts too. I made this based on what I would like to do. ;)

Good Luck! Have fun and let me know how this works out for you! I will be starting my hybrid February 29 if anyone wants to join me.