Monday, October 26, 2015

Protein and Pumpkin - What's Not to Love?

Today is National Pumpkin Day so I thought I would post a couple of new healthy pumpkin recipes. The first one is a really yummy pudding that you can eat plain or put in a little pie crust if you have a few extra carbs to spare. 

Protein Pumpkin Pudding
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 container of greek yogurt, vanilla flavored
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 TBS of fat-free Cool Whip
1-2 packets of Stevia, optional

Blend together all ingredients until smooth. You can add a packet or two of Stevia to make it a little sweeter if you want.

Eat straight from the dish or put it in a little graham cracker pie crust -

Mmmmm - tastes just like a pumpkin pie! (Only healthier!)

The next recipe is a pumpkin smoothie. You can use regular protein powder for this or use vanilla Shakeology. Either way - deliciousness!


Pumpkin Protein Smoothie
1 - 1 1/2 cups cold water
1 1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder, or 1 scoop vanilla Shakeology
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp pumpkin spice
1 packet Stevia
4-6 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. You can add some fat free Cool Whip and/or cinnamon to make it pretty. If you like it a little thicker, you can stick it in the freezer for a few minutes.

The last recipe is a for pumpkin pie oatmeal. This is super yummy and totally hits the spot on cold mornings.

Protein Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal
1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
pumpkin spice
dash of cinnamon
1 packet Stevia, optional

Mix oats with water and microwave (as per the directions on oat container), stir in pumpkin and protein powder, adding water if needed to get a smooth consistency. Add spices and Stevia to taste. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sneak Peek - Hammer & Chisel Workout

Today is the day you can try out two of the new MASTER'S HAMMER & CHISEL workouts!!! I am so excited for this workout to be released!

Have you heard about it yet?

Looks pretty awesome, right? RIGHT? :D

I was actually wanting a Body Beast 2 but I am okay with this....for now. haha

Sagi Kalev (Body Beast) and Autumn Calabrese (21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme) teamed up to create The Master's Hammer and Chisel. 

This is a 60-day program where you build muscle with Sagi for the first 30 days, and then chisel the fat the next 30 days with Autumn.

This program won't be released until December but you can try two of the workouts RIGHT NOW on Beachbody On Demand! 

These are the 2 workouts:
ISO Speed Hammer
Time: 25 minutes
Trainer: Sagi
Equipment Needed: Weights, bench or stability ball, resistance bands or towel, chin-up bar or bands with door attachment
Workout Details: 10 reps slow 3-count, 10 reps fast 
Example: 10 push ups slow (3 counts), 10 push ups fast, repeat with lunges, chin ups, deadlifts, shoulder raises, squats, and so on. This is a total body workout where every muscle group gets worked. 
Review: I LOVED this workout! You really get your heart rate up during the fast reps & by the end you are SWEATING! After doing 10 reps slow, the fast reps really toast your muscles too. I will definitely be feeling sore tomorrow! I am not usually a huge fan of the resistance bands because I feel like they are awkward and hard to use most of the time. This workout wasn't too bad using the bands though, and it's only a few moves.

Total Body Chisel 
Time: 35 minutes
Trainer: Autumn
Equipment Needed: Weights, bench or stability ball, towel
Workout Details: 3 rounds, 3 exercises each, 10 reps each 
Example: 10 squats, 10 chest presses, 10 bent-over rows - repeat 3 times. That's round one. Then you do a new set of exercises for the next round, and so on. She does legs, chest, back, legs chest, back, and the last set is legs, biceps and then triceps. 
Review: I LOVED this one too! I admit I was a little nervous about Autumn being the trainer because I wasn't a huge fan in the 21DF workouts. She is a lot more serious in this one and I really liked that! She really concentrates on and explains proper form throughout and the pace is slow enough that you can really lift heavy and not feel like you are rushing through the moves. I used pretty light weights for this one because I don't have a laptop & had to do it in my office so I didn't want to carry my heavy weights downstairs. haha However, my legs were still shaking at the end!!

I am definitely going to be buying this program when it's released in December! 60 days to ripped and shredded? Sign me up! haha ;)

You can try BOD for 30 days FREE! Sign up for a club account here. Not only do you get to try Hammer & Chisel, but you get access to TONS of other Beachbody workout programs! 

If you have any questions about this workout, other workouts, or BOD - comment below or send me an email. I will try to answer them for you the best I can.

Go try these workouts & let me know what you think?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dealing With Low Energy Levels

Wow! I haven't posted in a really long time! You will know why after you read this post though. It's been a long couple of years, but I think I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again.

I have been in such a slump lately! It all happened so gradually that I'm not even sure exactly when it started. A year ago I was diagnosed with a low thyroid. That gave me an answer to a lot of the symptoms I had been experiencing. I thought being on medication might make things a little better and they WERE for awhile.  I knew that having a low thyroid would be harder to lose weight. (Add that to me being over 40 also.) I also knew that it was still possible to lose weight but it was completely up to me to keep my nutrition in check. If I stayed super strict and NEVER missed a workout - I could actually lose a few pounds. However, the minute I strayed off clean eating - I would gain it all back. I have really struggled with this! Here I was, telling people how to lose weight, coaching them, seeing the results they were getting but then I could never do it myself. It was so frustrating! 

I decided that I just wasn't as active as I used to be. (My kids aren't little anymore so I wasn't chasing after them all day.) I got a Fitbit for Christmas and decided to try to get more steps in during the day. I even set reminders on my phone so I would get up and walk around every so often. I still got my workouts in almost every day as well. But I was still SO TIRED!! I didn't want to do anything.

I kept thinking to myself that I was just being lazy. I would write up my to-do lists and come up with projects that I could work on to keep me busy and motivated. I would fully intend to do them, but just couldn't bring myself to even get started. Ugh! It was AWFUL! I could get some things done if I did them in the morning but by noon I was DONE. And it wasn't even just physically - I was mentally exhausted too. My brain would check. out. I would try to plan out my weekly meals, or write a blog post & I could. not. stay. focused. I seriously couldn't concentrate. All I wanted to do was go take a nap.

I had no motivation to do ANYTHING. If my calendar started to fill up, I would get overwhelmed and stressed out. I just wanted to stay in my own little world. Don't anybody bother me - please.

Now just so you know - this was all happening very gradually. I was coming up with reasons for the way I was feeling. "It's cold outside, so that's why I want to stay curled up with my electric blanket and read a book." "I've been running errands all morning, so I don't want to make dinner tonight."

It just so happened that my thyroid prescription was running out & it was time to make another appointment with my doctor. For some reason I started looking back on how I'd been feeling and realized I had been in a slump for quite awhile. I figured it must be my thyroid. 

Then about a week before my appointment I had a REALLY bad day. I was super exhausted, moody, depressed, didn't want to do anything. I had totally turned into my teenager!! haha ;)  That night my husband took the kids out to dinner and I decided to stay home (because I just felt too fat to eat unhealthy food, plus I didn't think I looked good that day, plus I just didn't want to go anywhere). When I woke up the next day feeling so much better, I started thinking it might be my hormone levels. I AM over 40 - could totally be perimenopause, right? So I talked to my mom and she suggested I get my vitamin levels checked. I started researching low B12 and read that both B12 and D could cause some of the same symptoms I'd been having. I just knew that was what it was and I ordered both vitamins from Amazon. I didn't want to take them until I'd been in to see my doctor though so I could get accurate test results.

When I saw the doctor, she said that my thyroid was right where it should be, my B12 levels were actually pretty high (oh crap) but my vitamin D was really low (whew). I say "whew" because I was actually a little glad that I had something to explain my symptoms, right? After talking with her a little more about how I'd been feeling, she suggested they also check my testosterone levels. She was almost positive that it would end up being low.

While I waited for THOSE results to come back, I researched low testosterone in women. Here's what I came up with:

I chose a picture because it's more fun to look at but there are lots of articles online you can read. 

Who knew, right? 

I never would have thought low testosterone would be an issue for women. So my results came back and my test levels were definitely low. She put me on a really low dose - just enough to raise my levels but not so high that I would have negative effects. I have a special compound made for me that I take daily. It just melts under my tongue. Easy peasy.

I am also taking 5000IU of vitamin D every day. Here are some symptoms of low vitamin D:

I am posting about this in hopes that maybe there is someone reading this that has dealt with something similar. No one understands how horrible you feel unless they have experienced it themselves. My mom totally understands. My sister-in-law....not so much. When I was telling her all the things I'd been going through, guess what she said? "Maybe you need to get a job."

I get that she was trying to help though. It's just that I KNEW something was wrong. This wasn't me AT ALL. I am so glad that I had a doctor willing to help me figure out what was going on.

So I want to let you all know that if you have low energy levels - you DO NOT have to accept it!!  I thought for so long that I was getting older, my metabolism was slowing and I would just "have to live with it". NOT TRUE! Like I told my doctor - "My 72 year-old mother has more energy than me!" 

I have been taking my vitamin D and testosterone for about 2.5 weeks. I noticed a difference in the FIRST WEEK! Now, I run errands after lunch and I'm not tired AT ALL! I haven't had weird mood swings. If I happen to lay down for a real quick "power nap", I hop right up after and feel totally refreshed and energetic. I am not overwhelmed when I have a lot of things going on. I'm so ready to take them on again! I also don't feel like a heavy weight is settling on my mind in the afternoon. (I think some people call it 'brain fog' - totally get it now.) And a great bonus - I've lost a couple pounds this week! I know that's not a huge difference but it's a start. It makes me realize I'm getting back to normal, I have energy again and I CAN DO THIS! 

It makes me think of my favorite part of any Chalene Johnson workout. (If any of you have done her workouts, you'll totally get this.) You're halfway through the workout, out of breath, about to die, and Chalene says:

So - my friends - get out there and get your vitamin and hormone levels checked ASAP! So many people are feeling the exact same way I did every day and like me, just figuring they're being lazy or it's just a part of life. Don't let anyone make you feel like a bad person because of it either! We're hard enough on ourselves! I felt like such a horrible mother and wife. The guilt just adds to it. Go find a doctor who will really listen to you and don't ever stop until you figure it out!!

I'm sorry this was such a long post. If you read the whole thing - thank you. ;) And as always, I am here if you want to talk. 

Have a great day!! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Exciting New Beachbody Products!!

I got my cookbook over the weekend!! I'm so excited to sit down and plan out some new 21 Day Fix meals for the week! :D

There are a couple other new products that were released at Summit this past week. The first one is of course, CIZE! The new dance/workout program from Shaun T. How fun is this??

Q. What makes the CIZE workouts so effective?
• While you're learning the moves and performing them, you never stop moving, so you're getting a cardio, core, and strengthening workout—the whole time!

• With CIZE you'll be so in the zone while you dance and master the moves, that you'll completely forget you're breaking a sweat, burning calories, and getting into the best shape of your life!

• CIZE breaks down professionally choreographed routines and teaches them in a way so anyone can do them! How? By leading you through each move, step-by-step, and slowly building them into a full dance routine.

• There are Beginner and Advanced Calendars to provide options for both beginners and more advanced dancers. These calendars also help you track your progress.

The base kit includes:
• 6 dance courses on 3 DVDs
• Eat Up! Guide
• Get Started Guide
• Weekend Survival Guide
• 8 Count Abs Workout
• Calendars
• Beginner Calendar on Side 1
• Advanced Calendar on Side 2
• Hold Your Own DVD (Network Exclusive) This is a BONUS workout that you will get if you order through me! 

Order CIZE Here:

If you want to order CIZE along with Shakeology in a challenge pack - order HERE.

The next exciting product that was released is the Shakeology Boosts!

Now you can customize your Shakeology with 3 new boosts: 
Focused Energy Boost:
If you're looking for an effective pick-me-up without compromising your health, then this boost is for you. It supports mental clarity, alertness, and focus to help you be more productive.
Power Greens Boost:
Fuel your body with a full serving of nutrient-dense vegetables and exotic greens. This Boost contains veggies like kale and spinach, helps support the body's acid/alkaline balance and tastes great too!
Digestive Health Boost:
Need a quick and easy way to help support regularity and digestive health? With a unique blend of 7 grams of both soluble AND insoluble fiber packed into every single scoop, this formula stands apart from typical fiber supplements and helps improve irregularity, digestive health, and keeps you feeling full longer.

The Healthiest Meal of the Day just got healthier! Go ahead and boost up your shake! Can't wait to try these! 

You can order yours here: Shakeology Boosts

And finally, Beachbody has come up with a new Performance Line of supplements!! Totally excited for this too! :D
What is Beachbody Performance?
  • An easy-to-use, complete supplement system that's guaranteed to boost your workout performance and help accelerate the results from any fitness program.
  • It's designed by Harvard-trained scientists and combines the latest cutting-edge science with the most effective performance-boosting ingredients from nature.
  • Every ingredient is thoroughly tested and scientifically shown to enhance performance and recovery.
  • There are 5 unique formulas—Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine —that can be used alone or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs.
  • It will help you overcome any obstacle—from low energy to muscle soreness—so you can push yourself harder in every workout.
What's included in the Beachbody Performance line?
The system has four powder drinks formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to be effective.
  1. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE ENERGIZE PRE-WORKOUT (Lemon Spark Flavor) - Improves intense exercise performance, increases energy and endurance, and sharpens focus, and reaction time.
  2. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE HYDRATE DURING-WORKOUT (Citrus Cooler Flavor) - Supports hydration during exercise, replaces electrolytes lost during exercise, fuels working muscles, and improves endurance.
  3. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECOVER POST-WORKOUT (Chocolate Chill Flavor) - Speeds muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle synthesis, combats exercise-induced muscle soreness, and improves muscle strength recovery.
  4. BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECHARGE NIGHTTIME (Vanilla Dream Flavor) - Supports overnight muscle recovery, improves overnight adaptation to exercise, promotes lean muscle synthesis, and reduces muscle breakdown.
PLUS: BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE CREATINE - This add-on has no flavor and mixes well with the Post-Workout formula to improve high intensity exercise performance, increase muscle strength and power, and enhance the effects of resistance training.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know! I am happy to help.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I can't believe I haven't posted on here for so long! I have been keeping my head down and working hard, but I just haven't had anything great to post about. Until now!!

I'm so excited for this new 21 Day Fix cookbook! Have you heard about it?

Every recipe I have seen from this cookbook so far looks really yummy!! Plus, you don't have to try to figure out how all the containers will fit in with your dinner because this book was designed for that! ;)

There are 101 21 Day Fix-approved recipes for meals, snacks and desserts. Here is a sneak peek at 5 of those recipes in PDF - all ready to print out. Check in out HERE. 

Don't these look yummy??

This cookbook is available with or without the containers, so if you already have a set, you can just order the book alone. Here is the link to order: FIXATE - 21 Day Fix Cookbook

I seriously think I might have to do another round of the 21 Day Fix after I get this cookbook! So excited!

As always, I am here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this or any other Beachbody program. I love everything related to fitness & I always have a group going on Facebook. Just message me!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Protein-Packed Jell-O Fluff

Oh my goodness - I have a yummy new recipe to share with you today!! :)

I have been keeping track of my macros lately and it seems like I am ALWAYS short on protein. (You can only eat so many chicken breasts and protein shakes, right?) So a friend of mine told me about this yummy protein Jell-O. It's basically like a Jell-O salad but made with greek yogurt instead of whip cream. Delish!

1 cup set sugar-free Jell-O, any flavor (I used strawberry)
1 container (6-8 oz) plain greek yogurt (I guess you could use flavored, but I'm going for no extra sugars here)

Make Jell-O ahead of time according to directions on box. When set, measure out 1 cup and add it to a blender along with one package of plain greek yogurt. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate or freeze until thickened. Maybe 15-30 minutes? 

Calories: 110  Protein: 17g  Carb: 7  Fat: 0

This makes one serving, but I warn you - it is a TON!! Next time I might split it up between 2 snacks. haha
For my fix lovers - I'm not sure sugar-free Jell-O is approved, but I think it's close enough to count as 1 RED serving. ;) 

You seriously can't beat that for a low-carb, high-protein dessert or an evening snack, right?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Insanity Max: 30 Results!

Oh my goodness! I just turned in my before/after photos to Beachbody to get my free Insanity Max: 30 t-shirt! Soooo scary!

I had gained all my weight back after my Body Beast results & I'm so mad at myself. Grrrr! :(
So after the holidays I knew I needed to get my butt in gear and get back at it. I started up a challenge group on January 5. I never missed a workout. I ate mostly clean, with some off-track weekends here and there. I started to get a little down on myself because I felt like there weren't hardly any changes. But I FELT like I was getting stronger and tighter, so I decided I needed to take some new pictures. Holy Cow! I WAS changing! I was so used to seeing myself in the mirror every day, that I didn't see how much I actually changed.

Here is one shot that I will share with you all.

Okay, ignore the mug-shot look - that's just my neutral face. haha ;)

I actually ended up losing about 9 lbs and 10 inches. Not too shabby for thinking it wasn't working. 
My strength and endurance have improved so much, it's crazy! I am able to do all the plank-work now and my core is tighter. (Oh - and did I mention I used the modifier the entire time??) Totally did. I admit it.

I love, love, LOVE this program! Not just because of the results I got, but because I actually looked forward to doing it every. single. day. It was a great workout - not too hard, not too easy, fun, and only 30 minutes. What's not to love? It is definitely my soul-mate cardio workout. (Body Beast is my soul-mate weights workout.)

If you would like help with this, or any other Beachbody program, I am totally here to help!
You can sign up for a free account and add me as your coach HERE.
I also have an ongoing 'Fit and Lean in 2015' group on Facebook where we have been going strong since January!

I would love to answer any questions you might have - feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Body Beast Tempo Workouts

Have any of you tried the Tempo workouts from Body Beast? I can't believe I had never even ordered these until recently! I figured the regular program was fine for me. But since I have been doing Body Beast again, I decided I needed to have something different to substitute in.

Seriously - these workouts are AMAZING! I fatigued my muscles so much faster with the Tempo workouts! If you haven't tried these yet, you really need to ASAP. :)
So what are the Tempo workouts all about? During these workouts, you still have 3 sets - 15, 12, and 8 reps each. However, you lift reaaallly slowly! 6 counts up and 6 counts down for the 15 reps, then the tempo changes as the weights go up. By the time you are done, your muscles are shaking! Try doing 15 tricep dips 3 counts down and 3 counts up - OUCH! haha 

Sagi also has ab exercises in between each set. The Tempo Plank is KILLER! 

I updated my WORKSHEETS page to include the Tempo workouts. So go download them and get started!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beachbody On Demand

I have some exciting news for you all! Starting tomorrow - March 2, Beachbody on Demand is going LIVE!! What is it exactly?

You will be able to INSTANTLY STREAM workouts from your favorite trainers like Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Sagi Kalev, and Autumn Calabrese - to name a few, from any mobile device, laptop, or anywhere you get an internet connection!! Even internationally! :)

Pretty sweet, right? 

You can also get digital versions of the program guides and workout calendars. No more waiting to get your program in the mail, and having to put it in your dvd player. You can work out ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!
The digital library will be updated each month with new workouts and different programs so you will never get bored! Where has this been all my life?! 

Okay, let me answer some questions that most people will ask.

1) How do I get Beachbody On Demand? 
Every Team Beachbody customer that has the Club Membership will be able to get this all-access pass. It is only $39 quarterly, and as a club member you also get meal planning, access to celebrity chats, and my favorite - 10% off ALL PRODUCTS! And don't worry, there is no contract - you can cancel anytime you want.

2) What is the difference between a Club Membership and the Free Membership?

3) If I'm already a Club Member, will my price increase?
No, this is a new feature to your membership, but the price is still the same.

4) Will there be a Club and Shakeology Challenge Pack? 
Yes!! How awesome is that? You can buy the Club Membership like you would a program and it will be bundled together with a one-month supply of Shakeology!

5) Do I need to buy the products to stream? 
Nope! The programs in the library come with the paid membership.

6) Will the workouts be available to download and watch offline? 
No. You must be connected to the internet to stream workouts.

7) Which programs will be included in the digital library?
On the launch date P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Ten Minute Trainer, ChaLEAN Extreme, Asylum Vol 1, Tony One-on-One (vol 1) and Hip Hop Abs will be in the library.

Members will also get insider access to preview select single workouts of newer programs that are not in the catalog, like PiYo, 21 Day Fix, T25, Body Beast, or P90. 

Now you will be able to sample a workout before you buy the program!

If you are interested in trying out Beachbody on Demand, you can sign up for your Club Membership Here! Make sure to add me as your coach & we can do this together! I love setting up program schedules and hybrids of different programs - so fun! Also, I have done every one of these programs and I can give you any help or advice you might need.

Seriously, what do you have to lose? Try it out and cancel anytime if you don't think it's worth the money. It totally is though - trust me. ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beast Up and Max Out - Hybrid

I just finished up my first round of Insanity Max:30 and I LOVED it!! I sometimes modified and sometimes not, but I improved my cardio and strength so much! However, I know my body does best when I am actually LIFTING heavy weights.

For my second month of Max 30, I actually started Body Beast again as well. It was pretty tough, because I hadn't lifted in awhile and I was ALWAYS sore!

Here was my schedule for the Build Phase and Month 2 of Insanity Max: 30 -

*Notice how I rearranged Body Beast to fit around Max 30. My first priority was Max 30 because I was almost done with the program for the first time.

Now that I'm in the second phase of Body Beast, and done with Max 30, I can incorporate Max 30 back into my routine, but not EVERY day. I am LOVING it so far!! Basically I only have 2 extra days of cardio a week, but I left room to add in more if I feel I'm not dropping body fat as fast as I would like.

So here is my schedule for the Bulk phase:

This time I am concentrating more on Body Beast and just adding in Max 30 for extra cardio.

I will also say that I am not following either meal plan, but keeping a small calorie deficit and eating at 40/40/20 macros.

I will be looking at my schedule for the final Beast Phase, and planning that out and posting it as it gets closer. :) So be sure to check back in a few weeks for updates!

If you have any questions or need help with anything - let me know. :)

Beast Up and Max Out!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Yummy Chili Recipe

I posted this chili recipe last night on my food blog & I was thinking - "This is totally healthy - I should share it on my fitness blog too." :)

I seriously can't get enough of this chili! I could eat it every day. It makes a TON which is good, because then you have plenty of leftover meals for the week. I had it two nights already, and there is so much left I think I will freeze some & have the rest this weekend! Mmmmm!

Monday, February 9, 2015

3 New Shakeology Recipes! Yum!

I have some new Shakeology recipes to share with you today! I finally got out of my strawberry-banana rut and decided to try something different for a change.

The first one is Strawberry Pina Colada. I bought a bag of frozen pineapple chunks awhile ago and finally decided to use them. This was really good with just the pineapple and strawberries, but when I added in coconut extract it took it to a whole other level! Soooo good! Especially during the dreary winter months. :)

Strawberry Pina Colada Shakeology 
1 1/2 cups cold water
1 scoop Strawberry Shakeology
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional - I am trying to get in more protein)
3 chunks frozen pineapple
3 frozen strawberries
1/8 tsp coconut extract

Blend all together. Yummy!

The next one is a Mint Chocolate Shakeology. It has added spinach which is great if you are needing to get more veggies in. This had the perfect amount of minty-ness and I couldn't even taste the spinach! (People always say that, and I can always taste the spinach - but not this time!) :) You could also add protein powder into this one if you want. I would add a chocolate protein powder, but vanilla would be good too.

Mint Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup almond milk or skim milk
3/4 - 1 cup cold water
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup fresh spinach
1/8 tsp mint extract (not peppermint, just mint)

Blend until really smooth. (Seriously - you don't want spinach chunks!)

The last one is a Root Beer Float Shakeology. I also added vanilla protein powder to this one for extra protein and a little extra vanilla flavor, but you can leave it out if you want. Still yummy!

Root Beer Float Shakeology
1 cup almond milk or skim milk
3/4 - 1 cup cold water
1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)
1/8 - 1/4 tsp root beer extract (NOT concentrate - trust me! haha)
Ice to taste

Blend together and enjoy!

Friday, January 23, 2015

21 Day Fix EXTREME!

ARE. YOU. READY?! Only 10 days until the launch of the new 21 Day Fix Extreme!

Here's a little preview:

Oooooh! It looks amazing, yeah? Some of the top coaches at Beachbody did a little test group of this program over the holidays, and here are some of their crazy results:

This is Lauren. She did two rounds, that is only 6 weeks! Would you want to get results like this in only 6 weeks?

This is Marissa. Here is what she said about this program:  "I can't say enough about this program. I really needed a boost! I was slacking on my nutrition since competing in the Beachbody Classic and I had put back on some weight. I was feeling pretty discouraged and my workouts were also not consistent. The accountability of all the other coaches in the group really motivated me to push play everyday. I didn't miss a single workout. I also have never really been able to follow a super strict meal plan but I saw that everyone else was doing it. I knew if they could do it I could do it too..and I did! In just 21 days I was at my pre-bikini competition physique again, feeling great, had tons of energy and was ready to do another round. This program is going to be a GAME CHANGER for women. Like the Body Beast for women they will use weight-training to sculpt their bodies into a lean, shredded machine. I can't wait for it's launch and for everyone to experience this!"

Why 21 Day Fix Extreme?
After the 21 Day Fix program was such an amazing success, and helped so many people with their nutrition and fitness goals (In such a short amount of time, too!) Autumn realized that she needed to create something that would take their fitness to the next level. The goal is to create killer results with more muscle tone, definition, and more advanced moves. The nutrition plan is tighter (no more treats) to get you completely shredded. This will totally help those of you that are finding it hard to get rid of those last stubborn pounds.

Who is the program for?
21 Day Fix Extreme is ideal for those with a dramatic short-term weight loss deadline, such as an upcoming vacation, wedding, photo shoot, or other big event. It's an excellent program for 21 Day Fix graduates who are ready for the next challenge, or for those who have completed other intense programs like Insanity and P90X. It's also great for those who don't have a lot of weight to lose, but are wanting to see their abs and lower their body fat.

I would not recommend the 21 Day Fix Extreme for a beginner. This is an advanced program. So if you haven't done the 21 Day Fix - start with that first. :)

Details, please!
You get seven EXTREME 30-minute workouts, one for each day of the week - so your mind never gets bored, and your body never adapts. The workouts include steady-state aerobics, resistance training, and explosive power moves that target every muscle in the body!

The workouts include:
Plyo Fix Extreme - An explosive lower-body workout that uses jumping and resistance to torch calories and sculpt muscles.
Upper Fix Extreme - By alternating opposing muscle groups, this no-rest upper-body workout will shred the chest, back, shoulders, and arms.
Pilates Fix Extreme - Using a resistance band for every exercise, this intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core.
Lower Fix Extreme - Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will get stronger, leaner, and more defined with 30 minutes of challenging resistance work.
Cardio Fix Extreme - Combining weighted cardio moves with traditional metabolic training intervals keeps the heart rate soaring.
Dirty 30 Extreme - Using only seven compound moves focusing on multiple body parts at a time, this workout will burn extra calories while defining muscles. Get down and dirty, and get it done.
Yoga Fix Extreme - A fast-paced flow yoga class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.

There is also a bonus workout that you get only when you order through your Teambeachbody coach. (So if you don't have a coach yet - please make me yours.) :)

Extra Workouts:
Power Strength Extreme - Based on functional movement patterns, these 9 total-body exercises will change the way the body moves, increasing strength, endurance, and power.
ABC Extreme - A 30-minute workout that targets common problem areas by pushing abs, butt, and cardio to the extreme. It'll get that competition body ready for the stage.
The Fix Challenge - Keep things interesting and burn off calories with this quick resistance workout!

What about the nutrition part?
For your nutrition, you’ll not only be practicing portion control—you’ll be eating ONLY clean foods. No treats. No cheats. No excuses. Plus, you’ll get Autumn’s all-new 21 Day Fix EXTREME recipes to help you achieve your very best results.

No other program has you eating this well and working this hard. But if you want a lean six-pack, cut arms, ripped shoulders, and toned legs . . . you have to take it up a notch. It’s going to take guts, intensity, and drive. But, it’s only 21 days. You can do this.

Do you want to be the first to get it??
The 21 Day Fix Extreme will be released on February 2, 2015!
Make sure to contact me for more information and to be notified the minute it is released.
If you need a coach - you can sign up here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Healthy Mexican Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

I have been working a little harder on my nutrition this month, and have been trying out some new recipes. Maybe you don't know this, but I am a HUGE Mexican Food lover!! I love the flavors, I love the spiciness, I could seriously eat it for every meal and never get sick of it.

So here is a recipe that is not new at all, in fact it's one of those old staples, BUT instead of regular rice it has CAULIFLOWER RICE in it. So it's pretty low carb. And if you take out the black beans, it would even be paleo friendly. ;)

 Fix approved: 1 red, 1/2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green, 2 tsp

4 oz chicken breast, cooked & shredded
1/4 cup black beans
1/2 avocado, chopped
1/2 cup cauliflower rice (see below)
lime juice
salsa (optional)

Combine all ingredients, add squeeze of lime juice. Enjoy!

small head of cauliflower, coarsely chopped
1/2 onion, finely chopped
2 TBS butter or coconut oil
salt, pepper, garlic powder, seasoning salt, and/or vegetable supreme (This is a personal choice, the seasoning is really up to you.)

Put coarsely chopped cauliflower in a food processor, and pulse until about the size of rice.

Saute onions in butter or coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat until translucent.
Add the riced cauliflower and stir until mixed well.
Add seasonings of your choice. (I used pepper, garlic powder, season salt, a little vegetable supreme and some chili powder.)
Cover skillet and let the rice cook about 5 minutes until softened. (Then I let mine cook a little longer so it was more "browned" - a little like fried rice.)

*Note: I will be honest -YES, this DOES taste like cooked cauliflower! However, when you add it with all the other ingredients in the Mexican Bowl, you seriously CANNOT taste it. I was really nervous to try this, because I had tasted the "rice" and it was a little different than what I was used to - not gonna lie. ;) But it ended up being really good, plus - bonus veggies!! haha

Monday, January 12, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Week 1 Review

I just finished my first week of Insanity Max:30!! 

I am seriously IN LOVE with this program!! If you liked Insanity - you will LOVE Max:30. If you never tried Insanity because it looked really scary - you will LOVE Max:30. It is SO FUN you guys!

I have been following the modifier for this round, and let me tell you why I would totally recommend this program.

1) It's not soooo hard that I dread doing it every day, but I still get a totally awesome workout. I think if they didn't have a modifier, this program would end up frustrating me because it's so hard. I thought following the modifier would be too easy though. It's not. If you go fast enough & keep proper form you WILL Max Out with the modifier. It's easy enough to be doable, but still hard enough that I can work on improving from workout to workout. (I burn 400 calories every time and I am definitely sore the next day!)

2) You can do Max:30 over and over and never outgrow it. I am going to be able to do this program for a loooong time. It will never get too easy for me. If you go as hard as you can - you will ALWAYS Max Out. I can't wait to be able to keep up with Shaun T!!

3) It's FUN! Yes it's tough. Yes you will sweat like crazy. But I really enjoy it. :) I actually look forward to doing it every day. Shaun T is an amazing trainer and motivator. He pushes you to do the best that YOU can, not try to keep up with anyone else. It's also fun to see how much stronger you get from one workout to the next.

4) It's short. It's only 30 minutes out of your day, you can handle that I promise. I burn 400 calories in 30 minutes just by following the modifier. Imagine how many you could burn if you went all out. ;)

5) It works. I've only been doing it for 1 week, but I've already lost 3 lbs and 2 inches. I have also seen amazing results from fellow coaches who have completed the program. I am seriously excited to see my results after this first round is over.

Okay, so there you have it. The reasons that I am loving this program so far. My plan is to go through it once with the modifier and then try to keep up with Shaun T and the rest of the group on the next round.

The nutrition plan for Max:30 uses the containers from the 21 Day Fix. It is very simple to follow & has some good recipes that I will share with you soon.

This was my menu for week 1:

Now I will break down each workout individually. There are a couple I still haven't tried yet. (Tabata Strength doesn't come up in the schedule until week 3.)

Day 1: Cardio Challenge
This workout reminded me a lot of T25, but with different moves. Burpees, plank work - like in and out abs, and lots of tuck jumps. (This is why I like following the modifier.) haha

Definitely a cardio workout though - I was winded! You think the modifier would be so easy, but she moves FAST! I could hardly keep up. I Maxed Out at 14:25 in week one but went another 4 minutes today! Woo Hoo!

Day 2: Tabata Power
This is the workout that you do twice a week the first 2 weeks and then you switch out for Tabata Strength the next 2 weeks.

If you have ever done a Tabata workout you know that it is 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of  rest. The rest in this workout is jogging in place - so not really 'rest' but it sure feels like it! I loved it though, because every time I thought I couldn't go any longer - we would get a little break. That saved me! haha 

Tons of push ups, tricep dips, and ab work in this one! My heart rate didn't get as high, but I still burned 300 calories and Maxed Out at 24:15 the first time. The second time I barely made it to 24:20! I had the first number in my head and just hung on until I passed it. Those tricep dips get me every time!

Day 3: Sweat Intervals
This workout was a serious SWEAT PARTY! It was so fun though - I don't know why. (I'm a sucker for punishment.) haha

It's crazy how these workouts work your core so much and you don't even know it. That's Shaun T's thing though - "USE YOUR CORE!" Am I right? This workout has a lot of squatting, lunging, jumping, and more plank work. The moves were all really unique though & I liked that. Different ways to work your body. Always good. :)

Day 4: Tabata Power
This was the repeater workout. See above for description.

Day 5: Friday Fight: Round 1
Ohhhh this workout - I had heard some scary things about it and they're all true! haha

This one was tough! I don't know if it was because the first water break was halfway through, or because my body was just exhausted from doing this program all week, but I maxed out like 8 minutes in!! haha It was awesome!

Funny story: My husband is doing this program too, but he is a day behind me because of his work schedule. Every night when he gets home from work he asks me how the workout was for that day. I told him that this one was TOUGH! So the next morning he gets up to do the Friday Fight & sees my Max Out time. He thinks, "Oh 8:50! I can totally beat that!" (We have a little competition with our times - I always beat him. haha) So he starts the workout....and maxes out at 8:36! hahaha (He is doing the modifier too, by the way - otherwise we would never be able to compete.)

This workout is a combination of all the moves that we've been doing all week, but with almost NO breaks! I'm thinking it's so tough because then Shaun T gives you 2 days to recover!

So that's it so far!! Week one DOWN! Have I already told you how much I'm LOVING this program? Seriously, if you want to work out at home, THIS is the program you should be doing!

Have I convinced you yet? haha I would really LOVE to have you all join me doing this program. After this round I'm going to be doing another one too - so get yours already!! :) The challenge packs are on SALE the entire month of January.

Also, if you have any questions about this program or any other one, I am more than happy to answer them for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Insanity Max:30 Max Out Sheet

Am I ready to start this workout on Monday??? To tell you the truth, I'm a little scared! However, I have seen some amazing results from others already with this program, so I am also really excited!

As I was getting everything prepared and ready to go, I decided I really wanted to make up a little worksheet to track my Max Out times. I don't know why, but I have issues with writing on my calendars that come with the programs. I guess I want to keep them new and untouched. haha ;)

So this is what I came up with:

It's not really fancy or anything, but it will help me compare the Max Out times from each workout. 

If you would like a copy, you can print out one HERE.

And if you would like to join me in getting my booty kicked, PLEASE do it!!

You might be wondering if you can get results by following the modifier. 
Well guess what? As long as you keep proper form and intensity - you totally CAN!! Just look at Lori's 30 day progress pics:

Lori only followed the modifier - just to show everyone that it IS possible to still get AMAZING results. (This is only halfway through the program too!)

My plan is to do as much as I can without the modifier and then switch on the parts I have trouble with, or if I am totally dying. ;) Right now I'm fully expecting to Max Out on the warm up. But I know it's as much a mental challenge as a physical one, so I am determined to push as hard as I can and then some. 

Are you ready?? 

Feel free to contact me any time.