Monday, February 24, 2014

Living Room Workouts - No Equipment Needed!

My son is over in Latvia right now serving a mission for our church.   A couple weeks ago he asked me if I could create a workout routine for him and the other missionaries to do in the mornings.  He will be over there for 2 years, so he wants to stay in shape and be as healthy as he can. :)  He doesn't have much time, so it had to be short - they live in a small apartment with no equipment, and they can't have any TV or DVDs.  Well, sure - no problem!! haha 

So this is what I came up with.  I have been doing workouts at home for a long time, and so I put a bunch of my favorite exercises together in what I hope is a comprehensive workout. 

The only one I actually tried was the lower body one, and let me tell you - I was SORE for 2 days after! haha  It was a great workout!

Hopefully the exercises make sense.  It's hard to explain an exercise without pictures, and I was trying to keep the descriptions as simple as possible.  If anyone has any questions, please comment or message me.

Here is the upper body/abs workout:

I never tried this one from beginning to end, so I'm not sure how well it flows together.  I tried to do an upper body alternated with an ab exercise.  My favorite are the dolphin push-ups!!  They work everything - your core, your shoulders and even your legs and butt!!  :)

I also sent my son a couple Tabata workouts that I found online, because they are great for cardio & kick some serious booty!  (You can look some up on Pinterest.)  I also threw in this great little workout for when he is really short on time:

It looks fun, right?  (Except maybe those 40 push-ups - what??!!) haha
Well, that is it - a couple of quick workouts you can do in your living room with ZERO equipment!  I am just sharing these with whoever wants them.   I am not a personal trainer or an expert in any way, so do these at your own risk, and try not to be too hard on me if you don't like them. 
Thank you for stopping by my little blog. ;)
Have fun!!

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