Saturday, February 1, 2014

21 Day Fix - Additional Info

Okay, I have some more great information about the 21 Day Fix program that will be released next MONDAY, February 3!!!  I'm soooo excited for this program - it is really going to help so many people in so many ways!

Who can benefit from the 21 Day Fix??

If you don't know anything about this new program - you can read all about it HERE!

So I have had a lot of questions about how those little containers are going to work.  People are wondering if that is all you get for the day, or if they are for one meal, etc.  We had a webinar on Thursday with Autumn Calabrese, the creator and trainer for the 21 Day Fix and she went into more details about the program, so I thought I would share them here.

Okay, so the containers that everyone is buzzing about - the above picture shows what kinds of foods go into each container.  When you get your program, there is a nutrition guide where you will figure out how many calories you will get for the day, this is your formulaThis is the only time you will have to worry about counting anything!!  Each person will be different.  If you are doing this with your husband, he will most likely have a different formula than you, etc.
Your formula will tell you how many containers you get for the day.  How many green containers, or red containers, etc.  Make sense?
You get to CHOOSE how YOU want to divide those up throughout the day. 
Most people will look at those containers and think - these are so tiny, that's not going to be enough food.  But Autumn said that when they actually start using them, people tell her, "I didn't realize it was SO MUCH FOOD - thought I would starve!"

There are also these cute little tally sheets that you can mark off every day!
The food is also vegetarian and vegan friendly, and it DOES incorporate your daily Shakeology - Yay!  :)

Alright, on to the WORKOUTS!!

There are 7 workouts - a different one for every day of the week.  Each workout is 30 minutes long and there IS a modifier in each workout.
Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Pilates Fix
Cardio Fix
Dirty 30
Yoga Fix
Bonus: 10-Minute Fix for Abs

Okay, here are the different kits that will be available:

There will also be a challenge pack - which will include a one month supply of Shakeology at a discounted price for the month of February! :)  This is a great time to try the new STRAWBERRY Shakeology!

Now, there is absolutely no excuse NOT to get in the best shape you possibly can before an upcoming event, or even in general.  Even if you let yourself slack a little, maybe gain a little weight and all of a sudden you have a family get-together in a month - what to do?  No problem - just do a quick round of the 21 Day Fix and you are all set!  I LOVE this!!  It's really for ANYONE!

If you want to join me in an exclusive 21 Day Fix test group where we will be doing the program and getting amazing results, (think spring break) contact me at, or on my facebook page!/BodyRemodel.  I will let you know the exact start date and add you to the group. 

Note:  this group is for MY customers only, you can add me as your coach by signing up for a free Beachbody account here:

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