Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Promotions!!

Get ready for our BIG Beachbody holiday sale starting  TODAY Wednesday, November 27th - Monday, December 2!
Many of your favorite Beachbody products will be marked down. But things sell out fast so make sure you sign up for your FREE account here:

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1. Purchase a Challenge Pack & RECEIVE a $20 Beachbody Giftcard

A Challenge Pack comes with everything you need to blast that holiday weight gain off. It comes with a workout of your choice, my favorite meal replacement – Shakeology, and a full nutrition plan and meal planner.

Once your order is processed, you will receive the TeamBeachbody Giftcard within 30 days of your purchase. PLUS you will have full access to my next challenge group! Daily tips, motivation, meal plans, and so much more. You can't get that at a gym!!!
Not to mention, for each challenge pack sold, Beachbody is donating $20 to Feeding America! How cool is that?  We've already donated over 2 million meals as a company!

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2. There are three ways that Beachbody is helping you ring in the season! Give yourself the gift of health, beauty OR/AND an amazing workout. How????? With deals 30-68% off on some of your all time favorites!

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I love Beachbody's Black Friday sale soooo much! This is how I got my TurboFire program last year. I bougt it at the Black Friday prices, and stuck it under the Christmas tree. I could hardly wait to just dig in and look through all the manuals and videos - it was hard. :)
I waited until after New Year's to start it, but this year I totally have my eye on The Asylum - it's only 30 days, so maybe I will start it early and be in shape FOR Christmas instead of putting it off until AFTER. Good plan, right?

These prices are so good! Hip Hop Abs Dance Party Series - $10! Seriously?? These would make EXCELLENT Christmas gifts! Who doesn't love to dance? I have these programs and they are so much fun!

There are also great deals on supplements, accessories and Derm Exclusive products.
If you are not a CLUB member or a coach - you will get the RETAIL price - which is still an AMAZING deal, right??

I look forward to helping you achieve you health and fitness goals! If you aren't signed up for a FREE account with me as your coach, please click below and we can get started today on achieving your goals. Why wait until the new year when you can get these awesome deals TODAY!
If you have questions the best way to get them answered is to email me~ and I will respond ASAP!

The absolute BEST way to get in contact with me is to friend request me at and send me a message! I always respond there first!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - All Calories Are Not Created Equal


We've all heard the 'calories in - calories out' rule, right?  A lot of people think that as long as they are not going over their calories, they can eat whatever they want.  That might work okay at first, but when you don't get enough nutrients that your body needs, you will end up bingeing because your body is hungry.  Trust me - totally tried that.  You also get a TON more food when you choose healthier options, seriously.  Check this out:

If you were to simply count calories of foods on the shelf & compare that to the calories of clean meals, you could pick foods with the exact same numbers, but if you eat those foods versus the clean meals, you will arrive at completely different results.

There are more factors involved than a simple calorie deficit.  When you focus only on calories, you will end up with a lot of empty foods.  Many low calorie/fat foods have been stripped of any remaining nutrients and are filled with artificial nutrients, flavors and colors instead.
Even though you have lowered your calories, your body may not be able to realize that it's body fat you want to lose so the weight you lose may instead come from whatever source it can find, like healthy tissues and muscle.
So if you are wanting to lose fat, reshape your body or increase your athletic performance, you need to treat your body like the high-tech MACHINE that it is. 
Remember to choose QUALITY over QUANTITY.

What kinds of foods should I eat?
Make sure you choose good sources of protein like skinless, white meat poultry (chicken/turkey), egg whites, fish/tuna, lean beef and ground turkey.  If you need extra help getting your protein in, protein powder is also a great source.  
Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and whole grains. (Read labels)

Fruits are a great choice and lots and lots of veggies!  I don't think anyone has ever gained weight by eating too much broccoli, right?  :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Insane for the Holidays - Support Group

Well Halloween is over - Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away - how are your health and fitness goals coming along?  Are you on a sugar overload from all the candy and junk you ate over the weekend?  I know that I never want to SEE another piece of candy again...EVER! Ugh! 

Did you spend the weekend looking like this??

I am happy to say I am back to drinking my lemon water and eating clean!! :)  I already feel so much better!  I went on a nice walk this morning too, before my kids left for school.  Tonight I will hit the weights. :)

Remember my Insane for the Holidays challenge group??  Well, we are a little over 30 days into the challenge and I am happy to say everyone is doing really great!  It has been hard to get up and get our workouts in when it is dark and the weather is getting colder.  But guess what??  They are doing it anyway!  I am so proud of my challengers for being honest about their struggles and helping to keep the group motivated.  I think it has helped me so much with my accountability & it's a great place to ask advice and share experiences. 

Anyone is welcome to join - and if you are looking for a little extra help getting through the holiday season, we would love to have you join this group!  

Just click here:!/groups/410018609110106/ to join.  We still have 2 more months!

If you have any questions or need any advice - PLEASE feel free to contact me!!/BodyRemodel