Monday, November 4, 2013

Insane for the Holidays - Support Group

Well Halloween is over - Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away - how are your health and fitness goals coming along?  Are you on a sugar overload from all the candy and junk you ate over the weekend?  I know that I never want to SEE another piece of candy again...EVER! Ugh! 

Did you spend the weekend looking like this??

I am happy to say I am back to drinking my lemon water and eating clean!! :)  I already feel so much better!  I went on a nice walk this morning too, before my kids left for school.  Tonight I will hit the weights. :)

Remember my Insane for the Holidays challenge group??  Well, we are a little over 30 days into the challenge and I am happy to say everyone is doing really great!  It has been hard to get up and get our workouts in when it is dark and the weather is getting colder.  But guess what??  They are doing it anyway!  I am so proud of my challengers for being honest about their struggles and helping to keep the group motivated.  I think it has helped me so much with my accountability & it's a great place to ask advice and share experiences. 

Anyone is welcome to join - and if you are looking for a little extra help getting through the holiday season, we would love to have you join this group!  

Just click here:!/groups/410018609110106/ to join.  We still have 2 more months!

If you have any questions or need any advice - PLEASE feel free to contact me!!/BodyRemodel

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