Sunday, October 13, 2013

Insane for the Holidays - Accountability Journal

Okay, so I have not been so good at posting every day...I will try to do better in the future. :)

I did work out 4 days this week, the other 2 totally got away from me.  Note to self:  Make sure you get your workout in first thing in the morning, or you might not ever do it.  (Sigh)

Recap for the week -

Day 3:  P90X Shoulders & Arms

I really love this workout!  Well, I just really love shoulder and arm day in general.... the glamour muscles!! :)
It's a little hard for me to get into the groove with P90X, when I've been used to doing Body Beast.  They are so different!  The X goes a lot faster it seems like, and it's a little hard to decide what weight to use.  The exercises go like this - shoulders, biceps, triceps - and then you repeat the same thing one more time.  Some of the people are doing 15 reps, some are doing only 8 with heavier weights.  I feel a little rushed sometimes and then the music just ends... so I guess I need to go faster.  I just didn't feel like I totally worked my muscles to fatigue like I did with Body Beast. 

I'm thinking next time I will go really heavy and try to do only 10 reps.  Really slow and really heavy.  I feel the high rep thing doesn't work very well for me - I NEED to be sore the next day!! haha :)

Day 4:  Insanity Plyometric Cardio

Totally skipped this.  Dang!  I was super busy all day with hair appointments, grocery shopping, and football games.  However, NO EXCUSES next time - I will make sure to get up earlier. :)

Day 5:  Body Beast Build: Legs

Oooooh I love/hate leg day!  I think Body Beast has much better leg workouts than P90X.  The main difference is that P90X uses a lot of body weight exercises.  Which is totally fine, but if you have ever looked at before & afters of P90X, the results are more upper body and abs.  Sorry, just my opinion, don't hate me. :)
Body Beast has tons of squats, lunges and those killer step-ups - all with heavy weights!  My legs are literally shaking when I finish this workout.  When I did my first round of the Beast, I noticed my legs changing first - LOVE that!  

I also like that at the end of every Body Beast workout, you get a little abs too.  Bonus!

Week Review:

Well, I am still trying to get back into my groove.  I hate when I just totally stop working out, because my diet goes down the tubes, and then it is way hard to get back into good habits.  I usually start out great the first half of the week, then my husband has Thursdays off work, so it feels like a weekend to me.  Friday I can usually get it back together, but then it really IS the weekend - and I eat like crap!  Yep, I totally just admitted that.  It's hard - I'm not perfect.  I don't know that I ever will be, I'm just hoping to get into more of an 80/20 balance, you know? 

It's a process, I WILL get there!  I am already doing so much better than I have in the past.  I'm stronger, I know what works and what doesn't for my body, and I have all the tools I need to reach my goals.  I just need to be strong, committed, and not throw in the towel when I mess up a little. 

If you are going through the same things I am, and would like some support in your journey - I would love for you to join me!  We can help and motivate eachother!  I absolutely LOVE to see people reach their goals and find the happiness and energy that comes with getting healthier!

Feel free to contact me anytime!!/BodyRemodel

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