Thursday, June 13, 2013

Body Beast Women's Transformation

Okay, here it is!  I'm doing it - I'm posting my pictures for all the world to see!  This is super scary, you have no idea!  I just completed a 90 day challenge group using Body Beast and Shakeology

Here are my results:
Just to be completely honest, my last month I totally struggled with working out and even eating healthy all the time.  My son was graduating from high school, and those of you who have kids know that the entire month of May is like crazy town!  We had something going on EVERY DAY, not to mention family coming to visit. 
So, I was completely surprised that I still lost inches!  I am not exactly where I thought I would be at the end of my 90 days, but you get what you put in, right? 
Here are my stats:
Total weight lost: - 6 lbs.
Chest: - 2"
Waist: - 4"
Hips: - 2"
Right leg: -1"
Left leg: -1"
Right arm: - 1"
Left arm: - 1"
Total inches lost: 12!
I know some of you are thinking that 6 pounds is not very much.  But I lost inches ALL OVER which is EXACTLY what I wanted!  I am 12 inches smaller than I was 90 days ago!  I am tighter and less squishy, I'm stronger, my posture is better and I have sooo much more energy!!
My upper back has totally leaned out, and I can actually see some muscle starting to show.  I am losing my love handles and my legs are leaner.  I will definitely continue to lift weights because it makes you so much tighter!
Overall I really loved the Body Beast program!!  I would highly recommend it to ANYONE!  The workouts are short, I gained lean muscle and lost body fat and I never got bored - ever!  Love it!!
I am really looking forward to round 2 with maybe an Insanity hybrid - yes!  BUT FIRST, I really want to try Shaun T's new Focus T25 which comes out June 24!!! Maybe lose the rest of my middle.  If you are interested in joining me, email me for details at

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