Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Focus T25 Review

My T25 just came! I am so excited to start this program on Monday!

I haven't watched any of the dvds yet, just looked at the schedule and the eating guide.

There is a 5 day fast track plan which looks pretty do-able. Some of the recipes look really good, but you can always swap things out or do your own food. I like to stick as close as I can to the calories and macro ratios of each meal.

You do one workout a day Monday - Thursday and then Friday is Double Day Friday, where you do 2 workouts! The thing I thought was the funniest was that there are 2 little boxes on the workout calendar that you check off, one says "nailed it" and the other says "barely made it". Haha - should I be worried?? emoticon

Then you have what Shaun T. calls STATurday - where you take your measurements and weigh yourself every week, so you can see your hard work pay off.

You also do a variation of the same 5 workouts for 5 weeks called the Alpha Cycle, and then you start 5 new workouts for the Beta Cycle which is the next 5 weeks. You can add on to this by purchasing the Gamma Cycle which is sold separately.

I know that Tania is the modifier in all the dvds, so this workout is great for ALL fitness levels, unlike Insanity which was - well - INSANE! haha emoticon

Well, I hope that helps some of you to decide if you want to order this or not. I love that there is not much, if any equipment needed (The program comes with tubing.) and you can do it in a relatively small space, like Insanity. Not to mention the fact that it's ONLY 25 MINUTES A DAY!! What's not to love? emoticon

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