Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beachbody 90-Day Challenge

Anyone who knows me, knows that I looove the Beachbody workout programs.  I have almost all of them by now, and I have been involved in the Beachbody community for a few years. 

However, since having my daughter a few years ago at the very young age of 38, :)  I have found it more difficult to lose the weight and get back into shape, even with the arsenal of programs at my disposal.  So after trying to do things on my own, without much success - I decided to finally join a Challenge Group!

This picture was taken in November 2011.*  I had actually lost a little weight before this trip.
A Challenge Group, for those who don't know - is a small group of people who are committed to their fitness goals, and help motivate and support each other along the way.  It's just the motivation and accountability that I needed to kick this butt into gear and finally be able to fit all my clothes again! 
For my 90-day challenge, I decided to do Body Beast!
Kind of scary-looking, I know! 
Here are my reasons for choosing Body Beast for this challenge:
1)  Old-School Weight Lifting - You need to lift weights if you want to change your body shape, and you burn more calories for every pound of muscle you have.  I didn't want anything fancy, just give me basic weight lifting. Yes!
2)  Shorter Workouts - These workouts are all under 1 hour, and in the second phase they're even shorter!  Who doesn't love that?
3)  I already had all the equipment - nothing to buy - yay!
Along with choosing a program to do, I am going to be drinking Shakeology every day, and eating super clean.  I am not eating the calories they suggest in the BB program, I am just logging everything into myfitnesspal.
*I refuse to put my before pictures up until I have an after picture to go right next to it, so you will just have to stick around until the beginning of June to see the results! :) 

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steeve said...

Nice post.
I started this program at the age of 44. It's good, I feel like a body builder now