Thursday, March 28, 2013

Body Beast - Block 2: Bulk

The second phase in the Body Beast program is called the Bulk Series.  It will last for the next 5 weeks.  These workouts use new-school set routines, to really add to your muscle-building.  Another great thing about this phase is that the workouts are only 30 - 40 minutes long!

Here is what the Lean Beast schedule looks like for Block 2: Bulk -
  • Day 1: BULK: Chest
  • Day 2: BULK: Legs
  • Day 3: BULK: Arms
  • Day 4: BEAST: Cardio and BEAST: Abs
  • Day 5: BULK: Back
  • Day 6: BULK: Shoulders
  • Day 7: Rest
You use this same schedule for 5 weeks.  Since the workouts are shorter, and I want to lean out, I am also adding in extra cardio on the upper-body days.  I will do my cardio in the morning and then the weights in the evening.

Download the Block 2 Worksheets HERE.

Wow! These workouts fatigue my muscles like no other - it's crazy! I totally love them, though! I still recommend this program to anyone - male or female. 

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