Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm a Coach!

I DID IT!!  I became an official Beachbody Coach! :)

Haha I'm such a geek - I took a picture of my computer screen! :)
I'm in my third week of my first Challenge Group and already decided to be a coach!  I seriously don't know why it took me this long, though.  I have had the idea of being a coach sitting in the back of my head for a couple years now, but never really knew if it was something I would want to do.
Then I got a brand new coach - that I picked - thank you!  Seeing all the fun she was having, helping others achieve their goals and also being able to grow her business at the same time, made me realize that this was something I still really wanted to do! 
I'm excited, but sooo nervous!  I will definitely be stepping outside my comfort zone, but if I want to SEE changes in my life, I need to MAKE changes - right?
Are you looking to be a part of something bigger? Do you want to join the fastest growing fitness company that’s main purpose is to help people get healthy? Do you want to be held accountable to complete your fitness goals!? Team Beachbody is for you. Such a fun way to get fit, stay motivated and make a little extra money!
So, if any of you are even THINKING about being a Beachbody Coach - GO FOR IT ALREADY!!!
Come coach with me!!!
Click HERE and learn more about it, or send me a message on Facebook.!/beth.m.clark.7

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