Friday, February 28, 2014

21 Day Fix - Week 2 Update

I am such a happy girl today!  I just finished week 2 of the 21 Day Fix.  I thought that I wasn't doing very well and there were a couple times over the past week that I just wanted to say "forget it" and go eat a big juicy burger or something.  But this morning when I weighed myself and took my measurements, I discovered that I had actually lost 4 lbs and 4 inches so far!  (2 inches just from my waist.)  That is how much I lost in 30 days of doing Body Beast!

Now to a lot of you, that might not seem like very much.  Yes, there are definitely people who lose 5 lbs each week with this program - and it's amazing!  (My husband lost 4 lbs in his first week. Men.)  My body is a little more stubborn, and I have to work really hard and be super consistent to break through my plateaus.  Plus I have been eating in this calorie range for awhile now, so it wasn't a huge change for me. 

The big difference was how CLEAN I was eating.  I thought I really was eating clean, but I've discovered from being on this program that I was eating too many carbs, too many fruits, not enough veggies, and not enough healthy fats.  Yep, that's right - not ENOUGH fats!  With this program I get to have 2 tsp of nut butters, a container of nuts, cheese or avocado, and a container of seeds, olives or dressing.

Here is what a typical day of eating looks like for me:

Breakfast:  Protein shake w/frozen mixed berries, oatmeal

Snack:  Cottage cheese, apple

Lunch:  Tuna w/avocado & lettuce on whole wheat pita, veggies

Snack:  Shakeology w/2 tsp peanut butter, 20 pistachios

Dinner:  Grilled chicken, lettuce and veggies, vinaigrette dressing

I have gotten really creative with my meals, and I have actually tried some new things that I might not have before.  (I'm a big chicken when it comes to new foods.)  You might think those little containers don't hold a lot of food, but they really do!  I am NEVER hungry!  Yes, I might crave things every once in awhile, but I'm not hungry. :) 

Check out some of my yummy meals.....

Okay, now that we've discussed the food part....let's talk about the WORKOUTS!!  :)

Can I just say how much I love, love, LOVE these workouts?! 
I really like Autumn Calabrese's style, too.  She's peppy and motivating without being annoying.  I love how she just tells it like it is & makes you feel guilty if you want to rest a minute.  (Some of those moves are TOUGH!  Like serious, muscles-on-fire tough!)

The workouts are 30 minutes, but it feels waaaay shorter than that - seriously.  I don't know why, but the workouts seem to FLY by.  They are not easy, either - I am always sore the next day.  It's a good thing.  Trust me.  :)

I would definitely recommend getting the upgraded package just for the 2 extra workouts.  They are amazing!  Barre Legs has a lot of ballet-style moves in it, but it is a serious leg-killer.  And the Flat Abs Fix is a 30-minute ab workout that I intend to incorporate a few times a week.  I love them both!  I still haven't tried the bonus Plyo workout, but I think I will switch out one of the cardios next week for that one.

Overall, I am LOVING this program! (If you can't tell. haha)  It is great for all fitness levels and ages.  There is a modifier in all the workouts, it's short and seriously... anyone can do this!

I have a 21 day fix group that will be ongoing for anyone to join at any time.  It will only be for my team, though - so if you have another coach you are working with, please check with them for a group.  If you would like to join my team, sign up for your free Beachbody account & add me as your coach.  It's that easy!!  If you have a coach, but have no idea who it is because they have never contacted you - message me & I can help you. :)

Here is the link to the 21 day fix group:!/groups/570901246311418/

Thank you for stopping by!  Bring it on Week 3!! :)


Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how you made your egg salad? I have been thinking about experimenting with Greek yogurt, the eggs (just the whites can't handle the yolks) and seasonings, but don't want to waste food if I put the wrong combo together.

Fantastic Fourth said...

I'd love to know the egg salad recipe as well please!

Beth said...

Okay, well the reason I haven't posted the recipe is because it's not really a recipe, just the boring-old way I've always made egg salad. But as long as you realize it's nothing special - here it is:

I take a hard-boiled egg (the whole thing)& chop it all up. Add a tiny bit of mayo and a lot of mustard, because I LOVE mustard. I don't even measure it, just until it doesn't look too dry. (Of course for the 21 Day Fix I used plain greek yogurt instead of mayo. I think it might have been a couple teaspoons.) Add a little salt & pepper - that's it!

You could add a little garlic salt instead of regular salt if you like a little more flavor. I also plan on trying a little avocado in it too! Yummy!

Amanda May said...

There is a 5 day inferno challenge that Beach Body does. I just finished it and lost 9 lbs in 5 days! On to the 21 day fix. There is a SPECIFIC meal plan for the 5 day inferno. One of the lunches is a modified egg salad. It's 1 egg, 1 egg white. Mixed with 1/4 cup cottage cheese. And a Tbsp of mustard. I would have used less mustard. I was dreading it ALL day because it just didn't sound good to me. It was AMAZING. The mustard covered the cottage cheese taste and the cottage cheese and egg have the same texture/consistency. It was amazing.

Beth said...

Great job on the weight loss! That 5-day Inferno Plan comes with TurboFire, and it is GOOD STUFF! I will definitely try that recipe. When I did Body For Life years & years ago, Bill Phillips put cottage cheese in EVERYTHING! Shakes, desserts, you name it - and it wasn't that bad. haha :)

Good luck on the 21 Day Fix! It's an amazing program. :)

kjc10007 said...

Did you make your container cheat sheets yourself? Would you share pics of the others? I love this idea! Thanks!

Carmen said...

Can you share the other index cards?

Beth said...

Yes I can post the other index cards. However, the reason why I didn't is because I went through the list and only wrote down the items that I like and would eat. For example, I hate asparagus, so I didn't add that one to the list. Make sense? So the cards aren't really that complete.

If you want more complete lists just search 21 Day Fix food list on google or Pinterest - they have everything! :)

Anonymous said...

I Am on day 4 and not a fan of veggies or fruit. I have to say that so far I love the plan and workout. The book doesn't really say what kind of things you could use with foods. Is it ok to use mayo and ketchup or sugar free syrup with waffles and maybe spray butter?

Beth said...

To answer your question about condiments: The book doesn't really go into details about the condiments, but what we understand is that if it's not listed - it's not approved. So no mayo and no ketchup. I have replaced mayo with greek yogurt and honestly have not noticed a difference. I don't eat a lot of ketchup, but I'm sure you could find healthy replacements for most condiments.

As for not liking fruits and veggies - I have found that sneaking veggies into my shakes, or adding them to dinners (like stir-fry)seems to help me get them in. I love fruit so I'm not sure what to tell you on that, but maybe add them to shakes too?

One thing I learned from doing this program was to try new things and step out of my comfort zone a little bit. You can make healthy versions of almost anything - seriously. Pinterest is amazing! haha :) It doesn't mean you have to give up ketchup and mayo forever, just until you get to where you want to be, and then you can add your favorite things back in but MODERATELY. Make sense?

Good luck! Hope this helps. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats...4 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at. I am curious about this system.

Is there a list that they give you on what they consider proteins...etc.

I live in baja mexico so getting this system is going to be a challenge. do they break down the food groups for you..i know the color coded containers and what each one represents ...i didnt see one for dairy not allowed . i saw your egg salad recipe and saw that you use greek yogurt but i use avocado for my eggs and my chicken salad...would this be allowed. i just need a list of foods in each cat. so i make sure i am keeping with the food part of the program. thank you for your help and keep up the great work...

Anonymous said...

Some have said that they substitute avocado for mayo in the egg salad. Since I love avocado, I plan to try that.

Beth said...

Yes - avocado is GREAT! It counts as a blue container.

There is some dairy, but there is not a category for it specifically. Cottage cheese, greek or plain yogurt, and ricotta cheese are counted as a protein. Then any other cheese - like shredded cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, etc. would be counted in the blue containers.

Regular milk and almond milk can replace one of your yellow containers 3 times a week. That's pretty much it for the dairy.

Anonymous said...

Hummus is a good mayo substitute

Anonymous said...

I don't have the program because I can't afford it but I have been researching every since I saw it on TV I am a double leg amputee and on dialysis and I feel I could really benefit from this program so that I can become health and live a long life please help if you can