Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Is Shakeology So Expensive??

Do you think Shakeology is expensive?? Do you know that it has over 70 super foods in each glass, keeps blood sugar steady, supports brain function, helps build and repair muscles, improves digestion and regularity, and boosts the immune system?  


 For only $4 a day AND a bottom-of-the-bag, money-back guarantee - it's soooo much cheaper than going to the doctor!!!
I think Shakeology is so healthy and beneficial that I even give it to my kids.  I have a 3 year-old that is such a picky eater some days I wonder if she gets any nutrients in that growing body.  At least with Shakeology I know that she will get her vegetables and some good protein in!!  Her tummy works great & she hardly ever gets sick.  Much better than the crap they advertise as healthy for kids - just sayin'.... 
If you want to know more about Shakeology or to order some, feel free to contact me.

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