Thursday, January 9, 2014

P90X3 - The Challenge Review

Okay I did it!!! I completed "the challenge" workout! I was really worried about this workout because you know, push-ups and pull-ups??? But they were just normal, not like those dive-bombers or anything - whew! I did use bands I could do a pull-up. Ha! 

For this workout, you pick a number at the beginning for how many pull-ups and push-ups you are going to do.  Then, you try to reach/surpass that number each time.  You do a set of pull-ups (example: chin-ups/close-grip, etc.) then you do a set of push-ups (example: military/wide, etc.) Then after you repeat that set, you rest and then start a new one.  I started really low on my numbers, because this is seriously my weak zone, right here. :)

Halfway through I actually upped my number on the pull-ups because the bands are easier, but I did all the push-ups on my knees and they were still hard!  My goal is to keep doing the push-ups on my knees until I can get a really great range of motion, and I feel a little stronger.  Then, I will pick a new number and start on my toes.  I know they say you should start on your toes and then drop to your knees to finish the reps....but with this workout, I think I would burn out too fast that way.

Overall, I really liked this one!!  So much better than I thought it was going to be! haha :)  My goal by the end of X3 is to be able to do a full pull-up. (Or two.)

And please, please, please....can I look like Alice???  She's my hero! :)

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