Tuesday, January 7, 2014

P90X3 - Agility X Review

Okay, day 2 is done!  BOOM!!  Today was Agility X.  This workout was really fun, but a lot more sweaty than yesterday's was. Woo hoo! 

For this workout, you make 2 big lines on the floor with tape.  Then, there are a series of drills and plyometric moves that utilize these tape lines.  One that I really liked Tony would call out right, left, cross, forward or back & you would kind of run over to it & put your hand on the floor.  It got a little crazy, like a fun simon-says game. :)  My only issue with this, and all the X workouts, is that Tony doesn't tell you things in mirror image.  I got so used to it with Chalene Johnson, and I think most other trainers do it too.  So you either have to do your own thing, or just not look at the screen and follow the cues.

There were more push-ups and plank moves - my chest & abs were screaming from yesterday's workout!  And there were lots of lunges, shuffle runs, leaps and hops.  Very high energy!

Tony describes it as "30 minutes of pure joy and awesomeness!"

Speaking of Tony Horton.... if you have ever done an X workout, you know about Hortonisms.  Here are a couple fun ones from this workout:

"Gosh, I wonder if I can get a good workout in 30 minutes?  Not on the elliptical, you can't!!"

"It's called Ring Around the Posy, just like when you were a kid, but more fun & more sweaty!"

Obviously, this is another workout where I can't wait to see some improvement!  This program is definitely for ANYONE - even though it's tough, you can totally modify the moves and go at your own pace.  On the other hand, if you are super fit and in shape, you would be able to do all the moves, so you could concentrate on going deeper, or higher, or faster and still get an AMAZING workout!

Well, I can't believe I am actually saying this, but I can't wait to do yoga tomorrow! haha :)

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