Wednesday, January 8, 2014

P90X3 - Yoga X Review

Hahaha - well what can I's yoga.  :) 

Actually I really liked this workout.  When Tony created the workout schedule, he put the yoga in a perfect spot - right in the middle of the week when you just need a break and that extra stretch!  I felt my upper body was still a little stiff, so it was nice to go into all those vinyasas.  I used to have such great flexibility when I was younger, and a dancer.  It's sad to see how unflexible I am now.

Tony Horton always says that yoga is the "fountain of youth".  It really is - I totally admire people who are really good at yoga.  I know that it's all about the breathing and mental clarity, but for me, I just really want to be limber again and to really be able to stretch out my muscles when I need to. 

As with the other X3 workouts, I know I will get better at this, too!  I think it's a workout people tend to skip because they think it doesn't really do much for you, but you definitely can feel a difference when you do it regularly.  It's a tough workout!! 


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