Saturday, August 10, 2013

TurboFire/Body Beast Hybrid

Okay, so here is the hybrid schedule I came up with for TurboFire and Body Beast.  I actually did this schedule for awhile after I completed Body Beast because I think for women, Body Beast needs a little extra cardio.  Unless you are super skinny and want to put on muscle, then Body Beast is great all by itself.  If you are trying to burn fat, you want a combination of HIIT, cardio and weights.  Enter the HYBRID:

The first schedule is advanced - it incorporates both program schedules, therefore, you will be doing two workouts most days.  I like to do the cardio in the mornings on an empty stomach, and weights in the evening.  I love crashing into bed at night with my muscles feeling like Jell-O. haha  Just make sure you take glutamine or have a really good recovery drink. :)

The second is more of a beginner schedule - you will do Body Beast 3 days a week and TurboFire on the alternate days.  Much less intense and time-consuming, but still very effective.

I tried to just copy the schedules right on here, but they were too big & I'm not very good at this stuff, so I just made a PDF file.

TurboFire/Body Beast Hybrid PDF

Remember - for the month of August, both of these programs are sold in a special pack along with a bag of Shakeology for only $160 each!!!  Get them now, they would make great Christmas presents! :)

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