Thursday, May 2, 2013

Body Beast Update - Week 8!

I can't believe I have already done 2 months of Body Beast!  It is so fun - I am loving it!  I am getting so much stronger and my arms are super tight - I have biceps!  Just by looking at myself in the mirror, I notice the most changes in my legs, and upper body so far.  My shoulders, back and arms look thinner and my legs actually have shape to them - woo hoo! :)  My waist is getting smaller too, although not as fast as I want - but your fat comes off in sheets, and there are definitely more 'sheets' on my belly. haha  

I weighed and measured this morning and compared it to day 1.  No pictures to share yet...but here are the stats:

In 60 days, I have only lost 4 lbs - BUT I have lost 6.5 inches overall!! I still have 30 days left to bust my behind before I have to post my after pictures! I can do this! :)
Here is my schedule for this month:

Monday:  Build: Chest/Tris
Tuesday:  Bulk:  Legs
Wednesday:  Build:  Back/Bis
Thursday:  Beast: Cardio & Abs
Friday:  Build: Shoulders
Saturday:  Beast: Total Body

Monday:  Bulk: Chest
Tuesday:  Build: Legs
Wednesday:  Bulk Shoulders
Thursday:  Bulk: Back
Friday:  Bulk: Arms
Saturday:  Beast: Cardio & Abs

Then you repeat these for 2 more weeks.  I am adding in sprints on the treadmill 4x week so I can lean out a bit more without losing my hard-earned muscle. Here is what it looks like:

HIIT Interval Sprints
Run level 8 for 30 seconds
Step off/rest for 30 seconds
Repeat for 30 minutes total

This is killer!!  Let me tell you, the first day my legs were wobbly, the second day I was so sore, and the third day I had to do it again!!
For my diet, I am carb cycling!  It's really strict, but I need to totally tighten up my diet this last month to see the best results.  For 3 days I keep my macros at 55% protein, 20% carbs, 25% fat.  Then for 1 day I change it to 35% protein, 50% carbs, and 15% fat.  I keep my calories the same on my high and low carb day - I just alter the macros.

So that's it!!  Wish me luck on getting throught these next 4 weeks! haha :)

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