Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday - Lift Weights!

Muscle is the quickest way to a hot, healthy body!

Most people believe that if you want to burn a ton of fat, you should do lots of cardio. However, resistance training is the best way to get rid of the fat - better than dieting alone or even dieting and cardio together.

Research shows that people who diet but don't exercise lose 69% of their fat; people who diet and do cardio lose 78% of their fat; and those who diet, do cardio, and lift weights burn 97% of their fat!

Lifting weights not only helps you lose weight, but you will completely change your body shape for the better. You'll tighten up those thighs, lose the flabby arms, and squishy bellies. Your skin will appear firmer, and your bones will become stronger!

The more lean muscle you have on your body, the more your metabolism rises. One pound of muscle requires 50-100 calories per day just to maintain it! Sweet!

Strength training also lowers blood pressure and can protect your heart and help ward off type 2 diabetes. Strength training is one of the best ways to prevent bone loss!

Your overall strength will improve also. Lifting and carrying things won't be as difficult, either.

You will have a lower chance of injury in sports and other activities when you strengthen your muscles. Strengthening your muscles also improves balance and keeps you as strong as possible which lowers your chances of a fall-related fracture.

Another benefit to lifting heavier weights is that you'll see greater overall muscle definition. When you lift such a light weight as most women do (those little pink dumbells), the muscles are barely challenged.

Push yourself harder and take the weight up to the next level - that's when you see muscle definition and form improve. Provided you also follow a proper diet for fat loss, heavy weights will create the greatest change to how your body looks.

So many women think that lifting heavy will make them "bulk up".

Do not fear heavy weights any longer. What you should fear is being old and weak. What you should fear is wasting more time doing only cardio and not getting where you want to go. Push your body - you are stronger than you think!

I thought this was funny! :)

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